Sertijab and Separated Directors Welcomes RNI

Jakarta, March 2, 2012, the day after officially lined up as the helm of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia by the shareholders at the Ministry of Enterprise Building, Jakarta, without stalling the next day, Friday (2/3) straight RNI management held a position handover ( sertijab) and welcomed the board of directors in building separation RNI, Jakarta. Present at the event RNI new directors, Mr. Hasan Putro Ismed as managing director, Mr Dandossi matram as director of HR and Finance, Mr. Bambang Adi volunteers as director of planning and development, and Mr. Oki jurnhiir Warnaen as director of operations. The event was attended by the old directors, directors of subsidiary companies, staff, invitations and mass media. After the handover of office, the former president who represents the other directors expressed his happiness as his successor is elected and people already know many of RNI. "Although the weight of having to leave RNI, but we are happy because we believe RNI in the future will be better than the previous performance" said Mr. Bambang. On occasion, Mr. Bambang left RNI to be maintained and developed at a time to thank all employees for five years has been to work together to develop RNI. Sementera, the most awaited event attendees are welcome from the new managing director, Mr Ismed Hasan Putro. According to Mr. Ismed, chose him as president of RNI is a disaster. He said if the commissioners could relax usually come once a month, then it should be more intensive. "I get the trust of office so that I would receive it well. RNI is a large company, the future RNI should be more transparent and accountable. It is an important record for me," said Mr. Ismed.
Mr. Ismed promised to give the best to shareholders while providing welfare for employees. In the future it will continue to boost company performance better in line with the company's main business is full of persaiangan. Dressed in a white shirt with long hand rolled, black pants and sneakers shoes exactly like those used by Dahlan Iskan. Simplicity, simple, integrity and personal branding as a workaholic Mr. Dahlan Iskan as the Minister of Enterprise, has a lot of attention and sympathy from the public. Perhaps he was inspired, Mr. Ismed dress up well to follow the style of his boss. In his speech, Mr. Ismed said RNI has a long history major. "That's why I was irritated with the RNI should be greater," he said. According to him, many things can still be improved in the company RNI, which most business is still bleeding. "That's why, I'll clean up the fats that damage the health of RNI in order to move swiftly," he said. Mr. Ismed promised not to use the facilities provided by the company, in addition to that he was also invited to the other directors to follow suit. Mr. Ismed promised to abolish the SPPD for the directors of subsidiaries as well as cut from the upper echelons of the facility. PG Board of Directors who are required to immediately switch to the factory. Surabaya office directors will enable the converted-into yag facilities generate revenue. That way, according to him, it can suppress RNI costs so the company can reignite its financial performance even better. He also said he will continue to work on Sundays, it is because the appointment as Director of RNI performed on Sundays. "I reported on Sunday, then on Sunday I will still use for work," he said. "I also will do the work of cultural transformation of institutional culture to corporate culture" he said.
RNI have a great product. Generally these products are in a zone of hyper competition. To that end, Mr. Ismed asked to open the widest domestic and export markets. These products can be exported very diverse, ranging from pharmaceuticals, leather, palm up condoms. Export destination countries are very many, including Spain, Italy, Middle East, China and Africa. RNI for this business is enormous, but there seems to miss management so that slower growth. A lot of idle assets that have not been optimized. RNI with 13 subsidiary companies, should already have the RNI Tower. RNI is the land where the building has an area of ​​1.6 hectares, if built tower will generate valuable asset for the company. He also promised to improve the performance of the company factories, sugar mills to start from crude palm oil. In addition, plantations were also developed business lines, namely tea plantations, rubber, oil palm, and sugarcane. "Then, we also have the company's corporate Nusindo trader, it's a pretty big company in Indonesia and we have branches in 44 provinces and districts," he added.
Meanwhile, Commissioner President, Rev. Mr. Hidayat said the ideals that made Mr. manufacturing Ismed is hope. "That is hope, hope to become the pride. Rev. Mr. Hidayat highlighted by the number of human resources in the RNI is relatively large. Therefore, I request that the HR for HR audit to obtain the ideal number. The same money with Ismed Pak, Pak Revelation was commenting on bureaucracy in RNI. "Birorasi in RNI 'bullet'. "That could easily be a hard and difficult it could be easy". Rev. Pak said. Rev. Pak hope to blow away all obstacles RNI fixed soon. Rev. Mr. closing remarks song lyric reads "you are the light". You give me hope to carry on, you light up light RNI.
PT RNI Glance
RNI is engaged in three business areas, namely agro-industry, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as trading and distribution. Currently RNI has a parent company (holding company) and 13 subsidiary companies with total employees up to December 2009 reached 15 928 people. Total assets as of end 2009 stood at 4.9 trillion rupiah.
In the field of agro-industry, RNI has 10 sugar factories in West Java, Yogyakarta and East Java, palm plantations and tea plantations and processing factories upstream products and sugar cane-based side .. In the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices include drug manufacturers, factories syringes and condoms. distribution in commerce and has branches in major cities throughout Indonesia
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